Thursday, April 27, 2017


Are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat

Well sent this letter to Assistant City Manager Doug Lewis:

Resident's living near the WWTP are getting letters  from the city with concerns to the zoning change for that area. It has been claimed that in the letter not a mention of the cultivation, process or sale of medical marijuana? I can assume this was done on purpose? Not quite transparent. Please e mail me a copy of the letter sent to residents in the affected area.

Thank-you Angelo

Mr. Lewis response;

Dear Angelo:

This is a typical format for advertising a rezoning. You list the name of the applicant, the property location/parcel number and current zoning and the zoning that is being requested by the applicant. There is no conspiracy to mislead and your transparency comment is NOT appreciated. Per your request, please see the two notices that were sent out together  for the upcoming Planning Commission Meeting. Please note that the rezoning for 776 Mentor Ave. does not describe that they buy and sell antiques. In addition, I think everyone in the area is aware of what is being proposed and lists the name of the applicant, Growth Orchard. If someone was so inclined, they can do an internet search of Growth Orchard and see numerous articles that explain what they do.

Rezoning Application No.88-17
Owner: City of Painesville
Applicant: Growth Orchard Partners, LLC
Location: Permanent Parcel
Number 15-A-020-0-00-001-0
From: Si; Special District to M-1: Light Industrial District
An application has been received frm Growth Orchard Partners, LLC requesting the rezoning of approximately 3-acres of Permanent Parcel Number 15-A-020-0-00-001-0. The request is to change the zoning classification from S-1SpecialZoning District to M-1 Light Industrial District to allow for the construction of a 35,000 square foot light industrial facility.


Douglas L. Lewis

My response:

Thank-you Doug,
My comment may not be appreciated but the manner that this brought forward is not how it is done by City Charter. The residents of that area should be made aware of Growth Orchards purchase of the property if for no other reason its in violation of federal law.
Just so you are aware many are disgusted with the sham over this issue.
Thank-you ANG

First thing the city did this process A## backwards! No public hearing? Zoning change request after council approved the sale? just to name a couple.

Resident's have to find out on their own what the intended use will be? Boy, we weren't ths vague over Steele Mansion were we?

Doug  NOT appreciating my comment? Well anyone in this city who challenges City Hall is viewed as a troublemaker? Been like that forever. Look around at our city are you proud of the accomplishments that surround us? Property values?  A list that will include we brought marijuana to Painesville!

Has the city releases a press notice with concerns about what took place Monday night? If not why not? Not something you might not want to share or worse waking up resident's to what some of you call Economic Development?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"ONE MORE NIGHT" phil collins

I've been trying ooh so long to let you know
Let you know how I feel

After watching the fiasco that has taken over city hall the last two Mondays. I will tell you the city charter as well numerous city rules were not followed.

To be honest this isn't even about marijuana anymore. It's about an administration and council jamming something down Painesville voters throats.

Now to make all this legal do any of you think the Planning Commission will do anything but pass this on May 11, 2017? There is not a  for -profit business within a half mile of this location. And take it from someone who goes to these meeting the City of Painesville is no fan of 'spot' zoning until maybe now?

This is a residential area with even a church within close proximity. How will Planning deal with these issues?

It is my thoughts, that Council as well as our new administrator  just screwed up Painesville. Not over marijuana but by simply ignoring zoning policies and procedures that exist for all city residents.

The vote Monday night was decided in Executive Session and they came out and played the game. Be honest did anyone believe the vote was going to be unanimous? Not #1  dissenting vote?

So to those people apposed to this coming to their neighborhood. Get off your rearends grab a friend and explain to the Planning Commission why you oppose this. Fill that room with people. Or watch your property values slip some more. While your at it call council people over your displeasure.

This subject has been in the News-Herald numerous times since February.

Do any of you believe that the vote outcome has been suppressed by someone in the administration?

Monday, April 24, 2017

'THE JOKER" steve miller band

People keep talking about me baby
Say I'm doing you wrong

Well attended the SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING held Monday evening.

One resident spoke for the passage of this Resolution.

And two spoke against it including a member of our Board of Education and myself.

Only six council members were in attendance as Mrs. DiNallo was excused.

Final vote 6 for -0 against.

In my time in the public forum I reminded council member's that when they took their oath of office all seven swore to follow the ordinances of the city, laws of the State of Ohio as well as the United States Constitution and all federal laws.

Well in my eyes six of them failed their oaths and are therefore  hypocrites. See the last time I checked it was in violation  of federal law to cultivate, process and sell Marijuana. It is still a federal offense no matter what is said in Columbus.

I also went to the Lake County Board of Elections and received the results of the election on this issue.

In the City of Painesville

1,393 voted Yes for the issue

1,912 voted Against this issue

Begs to ask why bother to vote?

Councilman DeLeone made the argument that people needed Medical Marijuana fine! There will be 28 locations available in the State of Ohio. Why must one be Painesville? In my eyes his argument was poor. He asked if anyone thought we were winning the 'War on Drugs'? His answer must be to capitulate?

I brought up the 'spot' zoning as well as I was told no residential property will be closer than 300 feet (one football field) to their building.

I guess I learned a lot about people tonight. Lost a lot of respect for DeLeone and Fodor especially.

After the meeting someone asked me if I thought an envelope was passed around? I answered I hope so, just so what I watched tonight made some sense!

On the plus side another business no other community wanted found a home here in the Ville'

Soon Painesville will probably have a new Recreation Department. It's just a matter of time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

" EVERYDAY PEOPLE" sly & the family stone

Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong
My own beliefs are in my song

I might  like to explain myself here. As some of you may have guessed I'm a pretty liberal person. Live and let live. I care not what or where you worship, whom you choose as a partner you want to marry someone of the same sex that's your business. I am not opposed to medical marijuana or even if someone partakes in recreational marijuana use. I do believe it is a gateway to other drugs.

Now my belief is that over eight out of ten people can deal with marijuana without any kind of social problem. It's those other two I worry about. I have seen first-hand the disastrous results.

Someone mentioned it's only a matter of time before it's legalized, so legalize it.  Don't blow smoke up my a## telling me this is all about medical use, be honest. How many 40,000 sq.ft. facilities do you need for medical marijuana? Opportunities' exactly for who? Growth Orchard please Explain.

We elect people to look over our dominion and to  respect what resident's in our city expect in their decision's. Following federal law is one of those things?

If it our new city manager or her economic team behind promoting this hair brain idea
maybe it's time to go in a different direction.

Call it what you will, I believe it is a mistake to sell city property to an endeavor that is and will be in violation of federal law. End of subject.

The why and the who would be interesting to know!

So For or Against here's your opportunity to be heard.





***** 6:30 P.M.*****  ( PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME )




1. RESOLUTION 2nd Reading: A Resolution Declaring certain Real Estate Owned by the City as no longer needed for Municipal Purposes and Authorizing the City Manager  to sell or lease real estate to Growth Orchard Partners, LLC

1. RESOLUTION- declaring certain real estate no longer needed for Municipal purposes,  The resolution will allow the City Manager to enter into a 1 year option agreement with Growth Orchard for 3 acres of land at a sale or lease price of $45,500 per acre.  This option will allow Growth Orchard to move forward in making application for two licenses with the Ohio Department of Commerce.  The first license is a medical marijuana cultivation license with a  May 2017 rule adoption with licenses around September 2017, if they stay on schedule. The second license is a medical marijuana  processing license with a September 2017 rule  adoption with licenses around January 2018, if they stay on schedule.

After watching council for over 10 years I have never witnessed actions like this for anyone but themselves.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"ALONG COMES MARY" association

And when the masquerade is played
And the neighbor folks make jokes

Pretty interesting council meeting last night.

Eleven items on the agenda and excuse me for getting lost on a couple seems everyone was?

Still tabled the ordinance with concerns to tethering pets?

We got rid of Resolution to sell real  estate owned by the city in Renaissance Parkway ..... But more to follow.

That New Parking Lot is slated to go out for bid. Estimate of $400,000 ? Go figure.

Resolution for bids on Walnut St. improvement between Levan Ave. and Gillett St.

Resolution for bidding and award for 2017 Road Improvement Program.

Resolution authorizing the City Manager  to apply for CDBG funding for various ADA improvements.

Resolution authorizing the City Manager to apply and accept , here we go AGAIN for Downtown Streetscape Improvements along North Park Place  from County CBGP . I guess this is when the County demolishes the Dorothy Allen Building? (Have those plans even been submitted)

Resolution to ask NOACA for a grant to repair our city traffic signals.

RESOLUTION - a resolution declaring certain real estate owned by the City as no longer needed for municipal purposes and authorizing the city manager to sell or lease real estate to GrowthOrchard Partners, LLC.

So our City's Economic Development team believe the property owned on the 1100 block of N. State St. should be sold to a firm that wants to grow medical marijuana ? This facility will sit along side our Sewer Treatment Plant. In a residential area. Pay attention northend resident's your about to be dumped on again! Wonder what this will do to property values? Are you listening Lighthouse Point homeowners? I mentioned at the meeting I have heard some crazy ideas but this one takes the cake!

Does Economic Development need those dozen jobs this bad? Selling the property for $135,000 is the city looking for cash?

The owner claims he is running a legitimate business and would be the same as if he was making "widgets" Well if you were making those your business would be allowed to use normal banking services!

Look I'm not buying this "Medical" Marijuana B.S. We will be one small step from "Recreational" Look you want to cultivate this product  fine but why in Painesville. Many have seen the destruction this product has caused. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"HELP' beatles

And I do appreciate you being round
Help me get my feet back on the ground

This week in 1970 is unofficially the date the Beatles broke up.
Myself I never felt they had broke up.


Last week the Downtown Painesville released a press release.

Heritage Ohio is proud to announce the 2016 certification  of Painesville as a National Main Street  Center!

This designation is a testament to the hard work and commitment  of the DPO Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers. Let us not forget the generous financial support of all resident's of Painesville through sponsorship of our generous city council!

Take a bow fellow citizens you paid for it.

We now have a vibrant Downtown where people have numerous opportunities to shop at a variety of stores.

Myself no where has so much been spent to do so little. But that's only my opinion. Maybe they can suck-up some more cash? Resident's enjoy your Bathtub races  and WTF is a Painesville Farm & Flea? Maybe it's Farm and Fleece?

Parkin' in the Ville'

Have heard rumors we will spend close to $400,000 on paving the ground where the old Parking Garage was located? Just think if we had spent that money plus the money we spent to tear it down we might still have had a functioning parking garage? Let's be honest Painesville will ever be vintage anything.

Great Lakes Construction Company has made application for the determination of one construction trailer at 559 Bank St. for the replacement and construction of new trestle over Grand River for NS railroad.

Want to buy a Racetrack?

Painesville Speedway is up for sale through an auction. This has been a Painesville institution since 1958. Myself at that time I thought it was the cat's ass! First time there was for a dare devil show. Remember buying stickers with your favorite drivers numbers to put on your car's rear window. Witnessed the speed and control of a Hudson Hornet long before the CARS movie. Lost interest when figure 8 became popular. Could purchase lock stock and barrel cheaper than a parking lot in Painesville?


Three different resident's have told me this wild story. Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee lived in Painesville for a time with an uncle in of all places on Cedarbrook Dr. in a rental house? If anyone can add to the mystery please drop us a note.  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"WHEN I WAS YOUNG" eric burdon & the animals

And I had quite a ball
When I was young

Today In Painesville we seem to be obsessed with remembering the past of growing up here in the Ville'. Well today as I read the News-Herald obituary a name and person from the past jarred memories.
The passing of Virgil Taylor jogged my memories to long days gone by. I am sure Mr. Taylor didn't know me but I knew him. Playing Little League Baseball in the early 60's everyone may have encountered him. For he was an umpire. Virgil always added a professionalism to our games always in a clean pressed shirt and pants. Never clowning around he call balls and strikes as well as out or safe. Never once did I witness an argument. I believe he called the first called strike three on me. Not quite sure thinking back I had a lot of those.

Growing up here in town I wonder if he realized how many memories he was a part of. Mr. Taylor was a 'good' reason to remember the past R.I.P.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"MAYBELLENE" chuck berry

Oh Maybelline, why can't you be true
You done started doin' the things you used to do

Well attended my first council meeting since January felt good to get back.

In the visitor's time I questioned the administration as well as council of our 'High electric costs' It seems we have blamed everything from transmission costs to faulty meter's as well as wrong size furnaces , air-conditioning poor insulation . Everything but the city buying into poor power purchases  proposed by AMP-OHIO almost ten years ago. In the council comment  time it appears councilman DeLeone took the time to mention the city has been very transparent on all issue? Well if Mike believes the city has been transparent on our power purchases he shouldn't be on a student council let alone on a city council. Resident's have been getting screwed on these deals for quite awhile now and him believing they are 'good' deals is unbelievable. Wonder who Mike is carrying water for?

Tabled was the change to city ordinance with concerns to dogs being tethered ? No clue

Everything else went the way as planned, I guess.

Resolution number 9 was interesting in how and it was worded as such.

A Resolution Declaring certain Real Estate Owned by the City as No Longer needed for Municipal Purpose and Authorizing the Sell said Real Estate.
As I read it;
In other words sell almost 6 acres of land to cultivate marijuana at a facility in the city. Can DeLeone, Fodor, DiNallo even think about approving that? The city would make close to $300,000 on the sale? This from the people who have always told us federal law trumps state or local laws? Could the City of Painesville be held complicate in this action? It's not like they told council they were building a daycare center on the property? Well the city tabled the resolution claiming a 'wetland' issue.

Why can't you be true!  

Without Chuck Berry there would be no Rock & Roll

On a side note;

Yes there is a new trestle being built next to the current one over the Grand River. Meaning during construction train speed will be restricted between Riverside Dr. to well Mentor Ave. meaning at times every road between Bank St. S. State St., Liberty St. Chestnut St might be blocked by a 10mph two mile long train. Something to think about.