Friday, June 23, 2017

"MY HOMETOWN" bruce springsteen


Now Main streets whitewashed windows and vacant stores
Seems like there ain't nobody wants to comedown here no more. 

My Hometown?
 Police Chief " retires".?
Council Meeting For & Against 413?
People crying at the meeting, others wearing stupid hats and T-shirts for/against 413?
Here's a hint you are no more patriotic by wearing our flag as clothing in fact it disrespects the flag.

The police has had the same policy for over ten years "1" person deported in last five years?

It's a Painesville Council Meeting not a Township, Lakewood, Mantua, Perry,  Kirtland meeting. Painesville resident should be the only ones who speak at the meetings. I don't care about who cried and the reason they cried.  Along with who came from out of town for what ever reason.

Let's ask someone who was shot on the bike trail how they feel? Or a family member of the woman shot and killed in Concord? Send the Priest to visit them. If you are here illegally expect the consequences.

The reports I heard about was EVERYBODY was for the illegals? They weren't the Plain Dealer lied. Three meetings are enough Bulls**t on this subject .

Councilman resigns? Can't find a suitable house in his Ward or the city. Moving to Concord still wants to keep his finger in the pot. If Mr. DeLeone isn't getting his electric power at his residence in Concord from Painesville Power, sorry Mike you don't belong on our Electric Committee . You can still run for Judge. No better reason for Judge Cicconetti to live forever! Just the view of a man not in control of all his faculties? Right Michael?

While on that subject what is a "Hometown" boy? Where you born and raised here? Go to school and church here? Please explain?

Now we must deal with a dog hit by a car and the actions of an officer? Trust me  that officer has dealt with worse than a dead dog, they all have.
Also get ready to deal with the Dog Park issue.

Just blowing off some steam, Sorry!. Remember from a man losing his faculties.

Troubled times had come to my hometown.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Do what they say, say what they mean

Monday nights council meeting ;
The agenda looks nothing like the City Manager's Report? A tale of two cities?

Yes we still have the  animal issue tabled?

Rental Dwelling issue is to be addressed as well as vacant property

S-1 property to M-1 The Marijuana Plant Building / Dog kennel/ truck terminal ECT.

That dog and pony show better known as our future Electric Committee is on third reading. Still looking for people to agree on screwing us I guess?

#9 and #10 are interestingly worded?

A Resolution Declaring the amount of taxes that may be raised by levy at the maximum rate authorized by law without a vote  of the electors to be insufficient , and declaring the necessity to renew the levy three (3.0) mill tax in excess of the Ten (10) mill limitation for the purpose of general construction and reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads, bridges and appurtenances thereto, and declaring an emergency.
In other words they want renewal levies for the road and fire department.

#11 item is the one WOW!

Resolution- a Resolution Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Facilities within the City of Painesville. And Declaring An Emergency.

WTF ... So in the City of Painesville you can grow cultivate, process and ship Medical Marijuana but you just can't sell it?

There is a simple solution.... Find someone who wants to sell Medical Marijuana. They go visit our Economic Development Department ask them if they have any unused city property they own, offer to purchase it from them. Zoning issues as well as procedures and the like be damned. and our city father's and mother's along with our administration will grease the skid's for you!
WA-La you have a retail Medical Marijuana Store.

In my whole life.... This whole issue and the people involved are the most hypocritical bunch I have ever witnessed!