Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well they have decided to let Prairie State dump there ash in Washington County after all?
You have to wonder what  motivated the commission on this ruling?
All because after the promise was made a
"monofill" to slove the problem Prairie State couldn't aquire the property? Notice they never denied the promise they had made.
Here's a crazy idea why not deposit the coal ash in a closed mine? Sorta like dust to dust?
I guess that ash hole couldn't be found.

Lively Grove Twp. maybe should change its  name to Deadly Mountain Twp.

Wash. Co., Prairie State reach agreement

…Dale Wojtkowski presented a petition of 66 signatures of those who will live near he waste facility.
He told the board, ‘Most of these folks here are the people from the immediate area. They are my neighbors. They are people that I’ve lived with for 25 to 30 years, and we’re very concerned…When you’re destroying 640 acres of farm land, that is not a good idea. If it was 100 feet outside of Nashville here, people would be raising heck about it. It would be a whole different story, and you know that.’
Wojtkowski asked why the waste facility was being considered when prior assurances were reportedly made by Prairie State executives in 2005 that no such sites would be placed in Washington County, but he was informed by the county’s legal counsel that the company was interested in creating a monofill but could not acquire the necessary property at that time.”

— Jason Silvey, Centralia Sentinel

UPDATE June 30, 2012
From the Prairie State Energy Campus offical site.

Prairie State is part of Lively Grove Township  within Washington County and our coal mine adopted our township name for our mine. While Prairie State is located in Washington County it sits at the corner of St. Clair and Randolph counties as well.
One of our coal combustion residual monofills is located 12 miles south of the campus in Jordan Grove  Randoloph County.

For you that have been following this story a "coal combustion residual monofill" Is a nice way to say Coal ash dump. Funny in the news release they claimed they couldn't acquire property, yet on their website they claim to own one?

Monday, June 25, 2012


"Never meaning what they say."

Below are two articles from Washington County, Illinois. Where our investment in Prairie State Energy Campus just happens to be. As you read the articles, remember these people were promised that no coal ash would be placed in Washington County. What happened Prairie State?

As Painesville is a part owner in this project, were we aware that this promise was made and then broke? 720 acres.... that will have deposited on it are the remains of "clean coal."
How will this end? Want to bet on another lawsuit? Although you will never get charged for this directly, you can bet AMP-OHIO will include it in their bill sorta like the "power factor". It's included but you will not see it directly.

As you read these articles, you have to wonder what was promised to Painesville, and will they change those conditions?

A lot of comments have been made on the business practices of local businessman Bob Gibbs. I can assure you he never deposited coal ash 250 feet tall to cover 720 acres.  Tell me who is showing man's inhumanity to man now?
Get into the game Painesville!
 I guess we're all "Gamers" now?

Washington County Finance Committee keeps the public out of landfill discussions

June 25, 2012 / admin / No comments

NASHVILLE, IL — The Washington County Board has held a series of finance committee meetings to discuss the proposed new Near Field Landfill for the Prairie State coal plant, but has closed the meetings to the public.

Documents received through a Freedom of Information Act request show that the committee closed the meetings on April 30, May 7, May 24, and June 7. Another finance committee meeting is scheduled for tonight, with a meeting of the full board scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday,June 26, at 7 p.m.). County residents are circulating petitions in opposition to the proposed landfill.

— Dale Wojtkowski

Please attend Washington County Board meeting about coal ash landfill

June 24, 2012 

Please Attend!

Special meeting of the Washington County Board

Tuesday, June 26th at 7p.m.

Washington Coounty Courthouse in Nashville

After stating on the record in 2005 that there would be No coal ash landfill in Washington County, Prairie State is now asking for a permit from the Washington County Board to dump coal ash onto a 720 acre tract adjacent to the plant just south of the Biddleborn church. This toxic ash pile will eventually be over 250 feet tall with nothing to prevent contaminated dust from blowing onto property and into homes near and far. And, contaminated water leaching into creeks and ground water will always be a threat.

Please attend the meeting on June 26 at 7 p.m. and/or call your county board representative to tell them:

1) You don’t want a toxic waste dump in Washington County.

2) Don’t sell out the residents of Washington County. Oppose the coal ash landfill.

3) Prairie State already has two permitted sites which are NOT near homes.

Please consider going the extra mile and notify your friends and neighbors in Washington County about this important issue.

Thank you so much.

If you have questions please contact Dale Wojtkowski

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"DID I LET YOU KNOW" red hot chili peppers

If some of you got up today and had no water pressure or very little. Rest assured the city water department is looking into where the break happens to be ?
Downtown was blocked off last night due to the search.
This along with an underground transformer failure last week downtown makes you wonder if he need streetscapes or some serious infrastructure repair?
Hope you find away to shower today it's gona get muggy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

"GET READY CAUSE HERE I COME" smokey robinson & the miracles

I didn't attend the planning commission meeting 06/20/12  because either I had forgot about it  OR  how many times are we going to go back and forth between this commission and city council? Do I really want to hear all this hashed over again?
Well I was informed I missed a good  meeting. Seems the same charaters that have been opposed to this venture from the beginning are still opposed and  there doesn't
 seem to be any change in the way they think. I heard many residents not only came in support some even offerd solutions. Like where tour buses could park. I have come away with a different view of Mr. Komjati and other members of the planning commission, so some in the audience can shake their heads all the want.  I believe he as well as the other members believe putting Painesville ahead of a few disgrunted residents. Mr. Smead, you as well as the Jamie are a resident of Painesville right?
All in all I believe  this is also far from over. A lawsuit is on the horizon. Against the city as well as the Shamakins.
The Shamakins only mistake was finding this mansion in Painesville. Cooperation from the city well as well  intended lets hope they didn't do anything wrong as Mr. Meyers Esq. has suggested.
Are there players in that 46 that signed Mr. Callenders petition we are unaware of?
I would love this post be about getting ready  for Painesville to have a first-class addition to Painesville. Hope things work out.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"I HAD TO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT" the electric prunes

I'm spending too much time reading some of these comments on the blog. One mentioned 'yes, we have a problem in Painesville and what can we do to motivate the people to change things?'
Well... here it is... as simple as I can make it. Until we have a new City Manager, someone other than Rita McMahon,  things will pretty much stay the same around here. For example... a town of less then 20,000 people  investing in a coal mine AND agreeing to be responsible for part of it for the next 30 years AND including the "take or pay" contract and the "step-up provision". As far as I can figure... this AMP deal alone has cost Painesville $500,000.00 with absolutely nothing to show for it yet. Has to make you wonder why the person that brought this to council still has a job. Was she looking out for Painesville or AMP-OHIO? If you believe things are fine and dandy....then stop reading right now and do something else with your time. The reason the city manager remains in her position is  really due to one person. Council-President Joe Hada... who after this term will have sat on council for 32 years. I guess this town would not be where it is if he had not had a seat at the table for the past three decades. Now along with being on council during the time the city lost 3,4,5 6 million dollars on bad investments. {you pick the amount... it changes from day to day}  The failed AMP-Ohio deals, the city's actions leading up to the hospital leaving and still believing we can invest $900,000 { almost $300,000 of city money} on two blocks of Main St. streetscape to make the downtown vibrant again? At the June 18, 2012 council meeting, Council-President Hada mentioned all of the "others" in the 2012 budget were answered. Well I read the minutes to the budget meeting and... no, they weren't. He knows it, Councilman Flock knows it and the administration knows it. As long as Mr. Hada controls council, don't expect any changes anytime soon.
In my dream, a challenger came forward... someone who has never run against Council-President Hada. What if Councilman Andy Flock took a stab at running against Joe Hada... mano a mano for council at large?
People have mentioned that if Painesville had a Mayor's race these two would be the most likely candidates.
This would give residents a choice on the future direction of the city.

Now you have to wonder if TERM had a dream, or is he aware of something you don't know about yet?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I realize I'm going to catch a lot of flak for agreeing with President Obama's latest venture into solving the illegal immigration situation.

I lost my father over two years ago, and as some that remember him know, I had actually lost him a few years earlier due to dementia.

I always asked his advice, and yes,… you’re right, many times I wish I had taken it.

My father raised me to not dislike people, let alone hate them, due to race, nationality or religion.

Having said the above, I could not understand how angry I seemed to be with illegal immigrants. Was it that advocate Veronica Dahlberg had children parade through Painesville with the Mexican flag front and center with small children dragging our American flag on the ground? Bringing speakers to our town and announcing that we (Hispanics) will take our land back! Maybe it was friends that have suffered from identity theft as well as some Mexican people telling me I needed them. Maybe it was the feeling that all of this was being shoved down my throat.

I have learned at an old age to ask God, my Heavenly father, for advice through prayer. I asked him to help me rid myself of this anger and answer me whether my fears were justified.

I believe my prayers were answered. I was driving through Painesville one day and had to stop at a traffic light. As I gazed around, I spotted three young Hispanic boys playing on their front steps. It dawned on me that these three young boys could have been my two uncles and my father on their porch close to eighty years ago. I wondered if they were all legal residents or if just one of them was. See… my two uncles were born in Italy and my father was born in America a short time after the family arrived. Although my uncles had come here legally, they always presented themselves as American citizens first with Italian heritage second. Then… more than twenty years later… my father fought in WWII against the same country his family had immigrated from. Why? Because he was an American. Until that day at the stop light, I hadn't even given it much thought. I also knew my two uncles would have given up their Italian citizenship in a heartbeat.

Later that month I was asked by a Maple Elementary School third grade class what it was like growing up in Painesville when I was in the third grade [1959]. I spoke with Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic children. I didn't know what to expect from the Hispanic third grader. Did he speak/understand English? Would he call me Senor? No, when I shut my eyes and listened, I could not distinguish between any of them. As I spoke to one particular third grade Hispanic boy, for some strange reason a thought entered my mind. "Ang, do you realize in ten years you and the rest of America might have to ask this child to lay his life down to protect all that is the United States? I wonder if he will think back how I treated him when he was a child.” I don't have any idea where that thought came from… only that it made me think about what I was for or against.

Do I believe in unlimited amnesty? NO. Should English be the official language of the United States? Yes, even if we have to amend the United States Constitution. Should the borders be closed and controlled? Yes. Do I believe in the sovereign right of the United States? Yes. Do I believe in treating people (including young children) with respect? Yes. Should I go back to what my father taught me and judge everyone as an individual? Yes.

I believe it breaks down to a simple fact… to reach any goal successfully you have to have a starting point. President Obama has given us that starting point… now it's up to us to find the most effective plan and solution to this problem. If you have read any American history you know this is not the hardest thing (by far) we have ever had to deal with.

None of us is perfect and we are all the sum of our experiences in life. That does not mean that we ever reach a point where we are done trying to live up to the expectations of our parents and our country. Thank you Dad, for still being able to reach out to me and for the example you left for me to follow.


Should prove to be an interesting meeting Monday night.
First we have the third reading on the whole classification of dogs. One interesting part of this ordinance is how it will classify a "vicious dog".
Vicious dogs do not include police dogs or any dog that injures or kills a person that is trespassing or committing a criminal offense on the property of the owner. Does that mean if  the dogs kills a child who wanders on someones property , a UPS driver delivering a package or even a police officer needing information then that dog receives a pass? Do  dogs have the capacity of knowing right from wrong? Friend or Foe?  I'm not even sure if some of their owners do?

An ordinance to enact Chapter 1136 to establish guidelines for the installation of utility structures. That train seems to have left the station awhile ago. A good example is could you receive an occupancy permit to live in that home at 521 Mentor Ave. with that firecracker[structure] in the front yard that close to the house? What if you can't so then the owner can tear the house down and pay less property tax? I also believe Councilman Hach should abstain from voting on this ordinance. If you want to know why ask him.

Requesting a 5 year renewable 2.5 mill road and street levy. I believe this will generate around $650,000 per year. The city uses a figure of a million dollar a mile except on Main St. its $900,000 for two blocks.I figure when the city celebrates its Quadricentennial [400 birthday] we will have completed all street and sewer projects. 5 years? which streets will be chosen? What if the levy isn't renewed? I suggest in the first five years no street that a councilperson or administrator lives on is chosen to be repaired?

Also the administration will be asking council to change who collects city income tax. In the past the city has used Central Collection Agency [CCA] the city manger wants to switch over to Regional Income Tax Collection [RITA]. Due to a better collection method along with a saving of $50,000 in 2013. It speaks for itself, more enforcement  gee wonder if anyone has been asking for this change for awhile?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I never thought I would use a Bobby Brown tune but the title fits perfectly for this post.

Tuesday night I attended the Lake County Tea Party ‘meet the candidates’ night held at Harvey High School. This was the first time I saw two police officers on duty at one of these events. Why… to control the crowd? My best guess would be the total in attendance was around 65 people, about 80% over the age of 60. One African- American, Ms. Arlene Becks. I know it was her, she waved at me.

Before the meeting started, Chuck Laughin, President of the local Tea Party, introduced himself to me. I have no idea if he knew who I am. I did seem to have a shadow last night. I would be flattered that anyone might think I pose a threat to any person or any particular movement, except that the notion is pretty silly.

I am starting to understand the Tea Party a little better. It really isn't all about whether you’re doing your job properly… Chuck even mentioned this to County Clerk of Courts Democrat Maureen G. Kelly. Clerk of Courts is a very apolitical position. Along with being somewhat interested in the fact that she lowered operating costs 25% with 20% fewer workers he seemed much more interested in her political philosophy. For instance, what she thought of Obamacare and what about using the U.N. to do this or that? To Mrs. Kelly's credit, she mentioned that her opinion on those subjects have nothing to do with the job she does as Clerk of Courts. I also give her credit for not telling them things she might think they want to hear just to get their vote. I agreed with her approach but they seemed disappointed that she would not answer questions regarding her personal political thoughts.

One question from the audience was ‘did she accept the Mexican Matricular Card as proof of identification?’ She hit the ball out of the park with her answer. "If State Law tells me to accept it I will, if they don't… I won't." I think that was the perfect answer. Her challenger, Emilee Teresczuk, seems to need a little more experience before attempting to do this job. Although, in her position of Clerk of Courts, she would be against Obamacare?

Now on to the position for Representative of the 60th district of Ohio. The position Councilperson Lori DiNallo is seeking against long time local politician Dan Troy (who did not attend).

Mrs. DiNallo explained to those present why she was running for this position. She says that the time for her to make this run is now. Mrs. DiNallo explained her credentials along with her work record and her husband’s work record. Mrs. DiNallo made a point of sending her three children to Harvey and to private Christian Colleges. She seems rather disappointed in the liberal ideas that they picked up while there. I was confused about how, as a state representative, she would change what a private college does. Now, if Mrs. DiNallo thought about it, the founder of the Christian religion had some very liberal ideas. So liberal that they crucified him.

They did not question her on her views of “collective bargaining" which one would think to be red meat for this bunch. She did mention the public sector has surpassed the private sector in wages and benefits and they must be brought back in line. She also mentioned that a change is needed in part because of teachers who triple their salary for doing the same job for 30 years.

She was asked a few other questions from the audience. "If the state gets more revenue due to the economy getting better and adding the revenue from state gambling… should the state increase money to cities and schools or lower state income tax? Her answer was to lower state income tax. O.K. …Mrs. DiNallo…you can count on me for whatever amount I save on state income tax I will divide between the city levy and the school levy.

Another question was ‘did she agree with Governor Kasich’s plan for education?’ Seems no one knew the answer, including me. When it was asked who in the audience asked the question. Republican GOP County leader Dale Fellows claimed it was his question.

Wonder if these Tea people get on a plane and ask the pilot which political philosophy he/she follows, thinking that will that guarantee them successful flight.

Look... the Tea Party and it leaders can use this method to decide on who to elect…after all, it’s their prerogative.

One final thought… the Tea Party has teamed up with the Romney campaign on finding the uncommitted voters in Lake County. They will have lists of voters in every precinct. Their plan is to canvass these people. If they knock on a door, the question will be ‘what do you think of President Obama's record as President?’ If the person seems satisfied, they will thank them and move on. If they find someone uncommitted to a candidate or leaning towards Romney, they will thank them, provide their names to the Romney campaign and the Romney folks will do the rest.

So if you do not want to be bothered, here are your options. Don’t answer your door or else tell them you think Obama is the best thing since sliced bread. Here the Tea Party is joining ranks with the person who started Romneycare in Massachusetts, left the state 47th in job creation, and how much in debt? What's your motto AGAIN?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Someone left a comment on a past post about what's to become of the coal ash, as well as any coal waste or slurry from Prairie State Energy.
I went to the web site for Peabody Coal and Prairie State Energy Campus and low and behold I believe not only is Painesville  a part owner of a coal power plant but I believe we also own part of the coal mine next door. Wonder what part we own? Probably the "take or pay" shaft. How so Painesville.
What makes me believe this?
"Prairie State Energy is unique they have bundled as so each partner owns a complete vertical slice of the project. That includes both the mine infrastructure and coal assets. This is a very unusual relationship."
"Unusual Relationship" This is down right crazy. Want to bet along with little or no say about the cost of electricity, does anyone believe we will have a say in the cost of the coal? Was anyone in Painesville aware of this fact. If the fact is that AMP-OHIO just owns the mine do you really believe you will get a fair price for not only the electricity what about the coal? The simple fact is that the mine has already been cited for a couple violations. By the U.S. Bureau of Mines.
Coal ash? seems to be a problem of where this  unwanted commodity is to be deposited in the county where the plant is located. Want to bet this will also become a problem for us?
As I compose this post a part of me believes I must be wrong about all  this. In all the times AMP-OHIO was in town I never remember a coal mine being mentioned.
A final note about this "coal" . It is what is called bituminous which cost are higher to scrub because of the high sulfur content. Anthracite is the " hardest" and considered the best coal. Again there is no such thing as clean coal. Wonder if theres something called Painesville coal? Must be the lump of coal Santa leaves in bad kids socks at Christmas? As well as some city administrators?

Monday, June 11, 2012

"DONE TOO SOON" neil diamond

It has been brought to my attention that Chester Legacy Restaurant has closed its door.
This is sad since it seemed to be a thriving establishment.
This place seemed to have a good clientele, the decor was welcoming, food was very good as well as  moderate prices all this along with a friendly staff.
A lot of money was invested in this establishment and the city should do everything in it's power to help find a new owner to re-open this business. Are you listening Doug Lewis Kathy Bieterman?

I talked with Dr. Hanlon  about the incident that took place near the end of school at Heritage Middle School. This  incident involved a teacher and a spouse. Dr. Hanlon assured me it was handled by the administration properly. He was unaware of any profanity students and staff might have heard. He also did not inform the parents of students who might have heard the commotion only because it was the end of the school year. Parents that may have questions please feel free to call the Board office.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"YOU OUGHTA KNOW' alanis morrissette

Once upon a time in the Queen’s domain of Paine there was a story about a Queen, a Bear, Rabbits Owls, Sharks and assorted other characters.... I’m sure many of you remember.

Seems the wise Owl has decided to give the rabbits their honey for the flooded burrows, as soon as it can be pried away from the Sheriff of Lake. The Sheriff of Lake is having a hard time parting with the money because he is collecting extra honey for holding it safely.

That story seems to have a happy ending for most everyone. The Bear even gets his share of the honey. And they all lived happily ever after......right? Well, not in this fairy tale.

Seems the Bear has yet a few more surprises that await the Queen... stay tuned.
It would be wise if the Queen and her minions say clear of the Bear's Dominion.

There are lots of challenges for the Queen and her Knights and Knightesses: they are having all kinds of difficulties with the Sorcerer Sir AMP…you may remember, he is the one who can make both lightning and honey disappear quicker than a shrew with a credit card. Also, now it seems the Kingdom is under siege from the likes of Magician Orwell Gas. This magician can make pipe structures appear out of thin air. Sir Orwell decided to put his magical pipelines throughout the Kingdom without really checking with someone on the Queen’s staff. As discussions were carried on, the project was to be "tabled". In the meantime, Magician Orwell proceeded to conjure pipe near the kingdom right-of-ways… and even where private burrows currently sit. ‘We must get to the bottom of this!’ cried the Queen’s Jester. Kind of like closing the barn door after all the horses have escaped. It will be interesting how the Queen will handle this. One home is very near the much-esteemed historical burrow district in the kingdom.

Is one of the Queen’s Knights involved in any way? Where does this magic gas originate and do any of the Queen’s Knights have a honey interest in this project?

The kingdom wants to make sure that no beast in the kingdom is "profiled" or discriminated against. So maybe the solution is to muzzle all beasts. Not practical you say? Well how practical is it if the beast is only considered vicious or dangerous after they injure or kill something? Methinks it best to leave the current law alone…but then again I am just a lowly rabbit.

And a final thought while watching the goings on at the public meetings with the Queen and her knights and knightesses. This little rabbit believes that many of the kingdom’s sectors are run efficiently. Then again… after watching the presentation of the very important water pollution control plant, it seems getting rid of our crap is the most efficiently run sector in the kingdom of Paine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"MOVIN ON" bad company

As some of you probably know, on June 12, 2012 the Lake County Tea Party will have a 'meet the candidate' night at Harvey High School. One candidate to speak will be Councilperson-at-Large Lori Dinallo. She is making her first run for a State Representative seat against Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy.

Mrs. DiNallo filled out a candidate questionnaire for the Tea Party and I posted the whole questionnaire in its entirety below for you to read. You can find it for yourself on their website. Dan Troy (wisely) decided not to attend and did not fill out a questionnaire.

Some things in Mrs. DiNallo's  answers jumped out at me.   For instance: "As a member of council I: Initiated the creation of a Utilities Commission to research and offer advice to city leaders on the purchased power options." Well, at last night's council meeting [06/04/12] I asked the Council -President if there has been an initiation or a creation of a Utilities Commission. He, as well as the rest of council, looked at me as if I had asked whether Painesville was creating a Space Station.  The word Mrs. DiNallo should have used was 'proposed', so as not to leave the impression that something was there that wasn't.
Another example: Protected residents from fee increases designed to increase revenues that were not proportioned to the cost of doing business. As my Mom found out (along with anyone else living alone), the city water portion on her utility bill went up almost 100%. Mrs. DiNallo voted yes on the $8.00 city fee hike last year. [06/06/11 Ordinance 26-11 section 933.191]. Am I to believe it was proportioned? Why make this statement when you voted Yes?

A question concerning last fall's Issue 2 that repealed Senate Bill 5 that took away from communities and school boards the opportunity to recoup some of the dollars that were lost from the general government fund coming from Columbus. Question: Are there any parts of Senate Bill 5 that would be beneficial to the people of Ohio and therefore should be enacted into law?
Answer: "Although I do not disagree with collective bargaining...." Wait...whaaat?  Lets stop there for a second...  the main purpose of SB5 was to END collective bargaining by government workers. Kind of like being for the death penalty, just as long as long as no one has to die.

She also has some interesting views on  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Free market solutions, anyone?

I have to ask whether the intent of of the United States Constitution was to be involved in removing Heads of  State of foreign governments? I remember reading something about not getting involved with foreign entanglements You have to wonder if President  Washington, or any other founding Father would have listened to the advice of some guy named "Curveball"?
 Do you believe that we could explain to Thomas Jefferson the need for the Federal government's involvement with the Interstate Highway System? Be careful how you might answer these questions.

Personally  I don't agree with most views of the Tea Party but I believe they are astute enough to see through some of these answers. I  look forward to this meeting, it will  be almost like attending a Bingo game at Homestead II. Social Security, and Medicare for us, but the rest of you... well, you're just "socialists"!

 Read the questionnaire. I don't want to be accused of putting words into anyone's mouth again.



Name: Lori DiNallo

Date: May 2012

1. Please explain your general position on fiscal responsibility as it applies to the federal government, how it applies to the office of state representative, and how you have personally demonstrated fiscal responsibility (preferably in public office, but otherwise if necessary).

Fiscal responsibility is necessary for securing our freedom and independence and is an issue of national security for the Federal Government. Our State Constitution requires a balanced budget. It is the responsibility of State and Federal Government to secure our safety and adhere to the requirements as outlined in the Constitution. As an elected official, I take pride in being a key member of the leadership team responsible for an award winning financial record proving that sound, conservative fiscal approaches to budgeting are being done, even in a strangled economy, without forced tax increases.

As a member of council I:

 Initiated the creation of a Utilities Commission to research and offer advice to city leaders on purchased power options.

 Minimized recommended increases for building permits, fines and variances to cover cost and reduced penalties for property maintenance violations from 4th degree misdemeanors which carry a criminal record to a minor misdemeanor which carries no record.

 Protected residents from fee increases designed to increase revenues that were not proportioned to the cost of doing business

2. What is your position on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Do you think it is a good thing or not? How do you think it will impact Ohio’s budget or will it have an impact? Please explain.

Health care is one of the most pressing issues today. The federal health care overhaul has raised more questions than answers. I am committed to providing Ohioans the right and ability to remain in charge of their own health care.

The federally mandated approach will affect Ohio's budget in ways the State cannot control.

3. In Columbus there is talk of creating an ObamaCare exchange for Ohio in order to give Ohioans more flexibility when it comes to health care choices. What is your position on the creation of such an exchange? Please explain.

I do not support the creation of an exchange. However, if the United States Supreme Court finds ObamaCare constitutional I will do me best to implement the exchange in the most cost effective way for Ohioans.

4. Please explain your position on whether the Constitution of the United States should be interpreted as a living, dynamic document in light of today’s culture, or if it should be interpreted with the intent of the original founders?

The United States Constitution should be interpreted with the intent of the original founders.

5. The vote last fall on Issue 2 that repealed Senate Bill 5 took away from local communities and school boards the opportunity to recoup some of the dollars that were lost from the general government fund coming from Columbus. Are there any parts of Senate Bill 5 that would be beneficial to the people of Ohio and therefore should be enacted into law?

Although I do not disagree with collective bargaining, I do believe that the taxpayer is an important stakeholder in public employee contract debates. Therefore, I believe that locally elected leaders, endowed with the responsibility of making sure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and efficiently, should have some authority to engage in contract negotiations. I also believe that local leaders already have the ability and should work to remove any barriers to this ability to take part in these negotiations, which may include charter changes at the local level as well as changes in the Ohio Revised Code.

6. Please explain your position on United Nations Agenda 21 as it relates to the concept of regionalism. What do you see as the advantages or disadvantages of regionalism? (Specifically, “regionalism” here is defined as the planned creation of a new administrative framework pooling all taxes collected by county and local governmental entities in each quarter of the state and administering all governmental functions through an appointed “administrator” and a new bureaucracy.)

I am a proponent of local control and do not support the United Nations Agenda 21 as defined in your questionnaire. I do not see any advantages to regionalism in this definition. However, I am not against removing barriers to shared equipment and/or services between local townships and cities when it is feasible and agreed upon by communities. I do not believe we need an additional level of government or COG’s to participate in these shared services.

7. Funding for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as well as how to provide health care are important national issues today. Do you favor government or free market solutions to these problems? Please explain.

I favor free market solutions to problems associated with health care, and feel that government is overstepping its authority when it takes on the responsibility of enforcing citizens to purchase any goods or service and creating bureaucracies that implement programs.

8. Should the character of a candidate be considered in an election? Why or why not?

Yes, the character of a candidate should be considered in an election, as it is what gives us distinction and defines us.

9. The “Occupy” movement developed last year and is seen by some as the counterpart to the Tea Party movement. How would you compare the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party movement?

I would not compare the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party.

10. What do you see as the two most significant challenges associated facing Ohio today? How would you propose to address them?

Job creation and business growth are the two significant challenges facing Ohio today. If elected it is my intention to support the creation and retention of good, high-paying jobs, and reform our current system of taxation and workers’ compensation so that Ohio can be an even better place for small businesses to thrive.