Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN" rolling stones

your the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs

First let me go on the record that I believe Painesville Finance Director knows his stuff! The city's finances are in capable hands.

It was reported in todays News-Herald 11/30/16 projections of Painesville's finances into the upcoming year of 2017.

"The general fund budget will be 12.4 million in revenue sand 12.4 million in expenses. We will have a $20,000 surplus in 2017." First Andy keep that under your hat. If the Downtown Painesville Organization realizes your sitting on 20 grand rest assured they will be poking around.

Latter in the same article;

He also projected the revenue will be 2.6 million less in 2017 than they were in 2016. And there will be an increase of $600,000 in taxes?

First why and where does the 2.6 million number come from? Why is it leaving and  what increase in what taxes? (City Income Tax?)

There's got to be more of a story behind these numbers?

We also will spend 15 million  to purchase electric power for our city. Now what does all the rest of this operation cost us? Let's purchase a couple of tons of coal while we are at it.

14.6 in capital projects? And what are these? Please let this not be the Storr St. facility? Or the parking garage.

Number's are nice to know, but what those numbers mean is the true story.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Talk out
Let's have it talked out and things will be okay

It took me some time to cool down before  wrote this post.

Last night in the Town Hall Meeting  that councilman DeLeone and councilwoman Shoop held at city hall.

The city was represented by Acting city manager Doug Lewis, finance director Andy Unitec and Painesville Power superintendent Jeff McHugh.

Graphs and numbers were shown on what a hot August we had just had. "Maybe your home isn't insulated properly? Just because it's new doesn't mean its energy efficient." Your air-conditioner might be undersized? You just are plain consuming to much?

Listened to residents ask about the Power Cost Adjustment to be explained to them?

One resident explained that he had replaced his heating and air conditioning unit as well as twice replacing all the light bulbs in his home and still his bill went up.

Enough already!

In the public portion of the meeting I took those 25-30 people on a history lesson that started almost 10 years ago.

I explained the failure of Meigs County and the 2.1 million dollars in stranded costs Painesville paid.

I explained Prairie State Energy Campus where AMP-OHIO representatives promised power at $48.06 ESTIMATE! and first we paid $300,000 and didn't receive zilch and when the power did arrive it was more then double the estimated cost. And presently still costs over $40.00 MWh. over the going rate.

Let's not forget the Hydro-power on the Ohio River this project was so mismanaged by AMP-OHIO to we were promised a cost of $69.00 MWh. and presently are paying $143.00 MWh.

And our own power plant who only operates at the most four weeks a year. But we save 4 million in "peak shaving" costs.  Show me the Check!

What's it cost us to keep the plant operational for a year? No clue.

Does our power utility make money? Not a clue. it depends on the weather?

A lady mentioned that she owned a 9000 sq.ft. building in the city with two heating and air-conditioners as well as being fully staffed. Her bill was only $12.00 higher then her home in Heisley Park? Maybe it's time to show us all electric rates?

To their credit they did admit to entering power contracts that looked good, but then the power market went  down. I think we have heard this all before?

So in finishing yell at the kids to shut the lights off. Put in a new air-conditioner replace light bulbs to your hearts content. But remember until the City of Painesville fixes their house your house is  at their mercy!

The city has decided to hire an outside consultation for $13,000 to see if improvements can be made and if we are doing something wrong?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Let's be Thankful to being here having another Thanksgiving Day and remember those not with us this year.

Be Thankful of the love ones you share Thanksgiving with and those that couldn't.

Be Thankful of the Serviceman's family who's son or daughter won't be home tomorrow because they are serving us somewhere around the world.

Be Thankful for the people is your communities police, fire, nurses that tomorrow is just another work day.

Be Thankful that your son and daughter made it home on their school bus this week. Tragedy as we learn can strike at anytime.  

With  Thanks also comes Faith and Hope

No matter what is said or done we as Americans have won God's Lottery here on Earth.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Bottom feeder insincere
High fed low-fat pioneer

Tonight's Painesville Council Meeting? No much about anything. It's Thanksgiving and I've lost a desire to listen,

What to say? Did you notice all the salt on the city street's today?

Now the election is over and the only thing locally is the make -up of the Lake County Commissioner Board. Two new members and it also broke up the Democratic Cartel on that office. I don't think Commissioner Troy will seem so high and mighty after the first of the year?

Never was a fan of one party controlling all three seats. Sit in at a meeting and see why.

Jerry Cirino will bring his business experience to the table. Don't know much about John Hamercheck?

What will be the commissioner's plan for the Dorothy Allen Building?

What will be the make-up of the Land Bank after the first of the year?

And thinking back at some of the Commissioner Meetings I have attended there was a very determined group of people that were opposed to the Commissioner's approval on the infamous Mexican Matricula Card  (MCAS).

My question is will this determined group of people go to the Commissioner's and ask them to resend  the card? Or was it all a rouse to make a fuss to embarrass the present commissioner's?

It will be interesting if this goal died on election day or will they turn the heat on in January?

Wonder if they will be disappointed by what they hear?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"IT'S ONLY MONEY" tin lizzy

You've got a brother in the clinic
Tells the same kind of story

Tuesday November 15, 2016 headline;

Lake Health reveals write-down

Amount set at $30 million do to IT system conversion issues.

So this story is about Lake Health writing off 30 million dollars? now accordind to the article Lake Health brings in revenue of over 270 million and this IT problem implemented in 2015 and the problem was first noticed in the first quarter of 2016.

"The system conversion did not go well, due in part to functionality technology issues with the software" Lake Health President Cynthia Moore-Hardy reported.

A couple of things here trouble me. First Lake Health is a good sized business but even with their size how can they eat 30 million dollars?

Followed by another statement "saying there will be no impact on patient services or construction projects that are currently underway. There has been no cuts as a result of the loss.

Well there should be? Look how much of a profit is built into a Healthcare System? We will never see Lake Health's due to the fact they claim they are a "not for profit" organization.

Think about it your company or the one you work for loses 9%  of it's revenue for a year and nothing changes?

With numerous reasons for our healthcare costs rising at an alarming rate maybe the problem isn't the government, the insurance companies we should examine the providing systems more closely ?

This is the bunch in the building that stayed out of the JEDD!

In the end it will be the support staff that will pay the biggest burden. For this screw-up.


Also an interesting ad in the paper that day;

of Diamond-Alkali
aka Diamond Shamrock

Please call Kirsta Cruthis of the
Simmons Law Firm at 1-855-988-2537

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"MIRAGE" tommy james and the shondells

How it all comes back to me
The movies every Saturday
The places we used to go to eat
I want so much to have it like it used to be

I guess I can wish all I want?

Today in Painesville is the annual 'Mirage' day

Better known as;

Holiday Open House

Amazing Holiday Store Specials*

Tree Lighting Ceremony With Santa*

Pictures with Santa*

Artisan Pop Up Shops*

Ornament Sales*

Madison Chorale*

Harvey Choir & Band*

Sweet Adeline*

Least We Forget The Horse And Wagon Rides*

I guess this ride can annually take you past places that used to be?

The former hospital site, the former hotel site down the hill to the former Health Department site new this year the former Parking Garage site and ending at the Dorothy Allen Building before that site becomes rumble. Close your eyes and imagine what was and what someday you believe what might be! So what exactly have we added this year? A new coffee shop Starfish which replaced Your Vine or Mine. Don't go there if your looking for directions seems starfish can point you in five different directions! All direction leading to a clean piece of land.

Myself ? I can pass, old enough to remember this place in the late 50's and early 60's, Oh what some of you missed. Thankfully many of us will be gone and then to the rest of you this mirage will make sense.

Now if you need a hammer, bouquet of flowers, donut/loaf of bread and a new set of tires we have you covered. Anything else you have to go someplace with a real commercial district.

How many of these yearly presentations before we realize nothing is coming here do we spend another million to spruce it up?

Look the only thing positive and in the Holiday spirit in Downtown Painesville tonight  is you and the faces of other Painesville resident's you pass tonight. Anything else is just a Mirage.

Monday, November 14, 2016

"SCHOOL SPIRIT" kanye west

Told 'em I finished school and started my own business/ They say,
'Oh you graduated?'/
No I decided I was finished

As most of you by now know through the News-Herald and social media that Lake Erie College is experiencing some racial discourse.

Starts with loud music goes to racial insults and vandalism.

Seems it starts with backlash against Black football player's and escalated from there.

Now first off Lake Erie finished the season 0-11. Fired their football coach halfway through the season so there's more going on here than meets the eye. As well as everybody loves a winner and loser's are orphans.

As I watched the athletic programs at our college I could never understand the desire to be an NCAA Division II program? I thought the make-up and size of the college fit a Division III program like Mount Union or John Carroll University much better.. Lake Erie came to the Division II dance much to late.

I always looked at Division II as just an intermediate division kind of in 'no mans land' Very few athletes pursue a professional career at that level. Some do but not many. Division III is for the student who plays the sport for the love of the game. Plus at Division III there are no athletic scholarships, although grants are available.

What's the college's plan?  They should be respected for there diversity but mixing students with $30,000 tuitions and athletic scholarships can be challenging

Is this an isolated incident?

Well I remember awhile ago a minority maintenance worker was in the process of suing the college over discrimination. Hired on at $12.00 per hr. and reverted to $8.00 ? I will try to find the story.

I hope Lake Erie can work through all this. They are the bright shinning star in Painesville.

Friday, November 11, 2016

"SPINNING WHEEL" blood ,sweat &tears


What goes up must come down
Spinnin' wheel got to go round

Last night's planning Commission Meeting;

First off  the utility pole issues... was tabled again what is this three, four months?

Then the county came showing drawings of of the new 5-story Lake County Administration building to be built on the site of the Dorthy Allen building (former senior center)

A very informative presentation and I had to agree with commission member Mary Hada way to much aluminium. I have noticed as well as she must have that aluminium doesn't age that well and soon takes on a cheap look. To here credit she expected them to come up with more of a Morley Library style architecture. I get it presently we pretty much have a mis-match of styles  in this town. Morley as well as our schools show a unified style. Aluminium and dark brick wasn't what I expected for this building on the square. Going down Main St. we have the Health and Human Services build followed by the administration building and then the Nolan building all different styles. We find this throughout our city. Find something and stick to it.

The County was looking for permits to tear down the old senior center. Assistant city law director brought up the fact that due to the election this week the county commissioner's will have two new members out of three. Are they on board with this project? The officials weren't sure? Then please tell us why your here?

So why are we tearing down this building? This building could be constructed there. The county may ask for a different style, they maybe even sell the property along with to tear it down and seed it with grass? Great more grass to cut downtown! Maybe will be known as the Great Plains of Painesville?

This city needs to know what the incoming plans of the new commissioner's are before anything is done. That said the wrecking ball was approved with a stipulation the the city will find out from the commissioner's what their plans are. I don't understand the hurry? The commissioners will be seated first week of January 2017. Seemed like a lot of pressure last night to approve  to-demolish that building.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


At 2:08 pm

It is being reported ALL Painesville City Schools are on Lockdown due to an incident in Painesville that has nothing to do with the schools.

A lot of police activity was reported on Mentor Ave. near Chatfield Dr. and more near Nelson St.

All clear was issued at 2:28 Buses will be slightly late.

There were three unrelated incidents around the same time a shooting appartntly drug related at Elm and Erie. An armed robbery at Chatfield Dr. and Mentor Ave. As well as a serious  traffic accident on Mentor Ave. near Nelson St. Busy afternoon.


Concluding some terms with a couple of steel firms
When they left fully loaded for Cleveland

Hard to believe it's been 41 years since the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in Lake Superior November 10, 1975.
Until that date I had always believed those long lake ships were unsinkable.

So what's our neighbor energy company that controls transmission of the power we receive in Painesville?

FirstEnergy Corp.'s competitive business is under strategic review and could be forced to file for bankruptcy as the company seeks regulatory and legislative help for it's generation side of the business.

Recently FirstEnergy cancelled the three remaining years of a 9- year contract to supply electricity the  Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) a group that provides power to 500,000 customers .

Those 500,000 customers need not worry  (NOPEC) has found a new supplier. ( Must be nice to walk away from bad contracts?) Wonder why we here in Painesville don't get a bailout?

Then on top of everything FirstEnergy played the Green Card? Seems they would like to get out long term supply contracts and transportation. BNST and CSX hold the majority of transportation contracts. FirstEnergy said all the plants covered by the contract were deactivated by April 16,2015 due to EPA's Mercury and Air Toxic Standards.

My question is if FirstEnergy doesn't need the transportation of 3.5 million tons of coal annually through 2025 to certain Ohio coal plants, what presently are we running  power to cook that Thanksgiving turkey and light up our lives? 

Many people have mentioned the flag at the Painesville Power Plant flying at half-staff? Yet not at any other city facility?
Is this due to the passing of Robert Fountain or is there another reason?


I have to ask about that 45 day project for northbound RT.44 to westbound RT.2 seems 45 days have come and gone?


Don't forget tonight's Planning Commission Meeting they will have the Utility Poles will be on the agenda.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"DRIVIN' MY LIFE AWAY" eddie rabbit

Ooh, I'm drivin' my life away, lookin' for a better way for me
Ooh, Im drivin' my life away lookin' for a sunny day

Let me share a story;

Journal Star

November 2, 2016

PEKIN- The Pekin City Council on Tuesday hired new city manager to replace Darin Girdler, who resigned in February.

Anthony 'Tony" Carson Jr., of Painesville, Ohio, said by phone after the council's approval that his top priorities once he reports for duty Nov. 28 will be the people.

"The great things about the role of city manager is that most communities are pretty similar," said Carson. "There are unique aspects of each and every community that we go to, but I've worked in three different states and the role of the city manager is very much the same no matter where you go.

"You have personnel issues, different departments. If you've been doing this long enough, you're well versed in how to handle them. So, it's mainly getting to know the community, getting to know the people I will work with. The first thing I do is, I ask the elected body to provide me with a list of names of the organizations in the community that they feel it's important for me to reach out to. That's one of the first things I will do when I get to Pekin."

He said he will also spend time getting to know the staff.

That's the key, and (getting familiar with)  the issues in front of council, said Carson.

Carson previously was city manager for Painesville, Ohio population 19,563. He served as the administrator for the town of Berlin, Md. and town manager of Fedwick Island Del. Carson  also served as the county administrator and director of purchasing and deputy auditor/appraiser for Trumbull County, Ohio. Carson has been a successful business owner.

Carson has more than 11 years of service as municipal and county administrator, and 18 years of municipal experience. Carson has a master's degree in public administration from Valdosta State University and a bachelor of science degree from Kent State University. He has worked in Delaware, Maryland and Ohio and has credentials through the    International City/ County Managers Association.

The new manager will earn $140,00 a year plus benefits. He has a three-year contract. GovHR USA conducted the search for candidates and Carson was one of five finalists. There were 36 applicants for the position originally.

"He has 18 years total of experience in the public sector and also has some business experience, which brings a nice balance to the job," said Mayor  John McCabe. " I think that was pleasing to all of us."

That's how someone "lands on their feet!"

Little sad he wasn't going to miss Painesville? Who am I kidding why mention 'Nightmare in Painesville'

Want to check out Pekin's?


Well let's get started;

1-3) Ordinances of "Parking and Loading was resolved for Heisley Park, residents don't forget you still have to get a permit.

#4 Ordinance 2nd Reading : An Ordinance Amending the District Map and the Setback Map Referred to in Section 1127.02 of the Painesville Code of 19988 Rezoning Property on North State St.

Now it seems the building and the business of the former Tony's Subway Inn which has been vacant for over a year reverted  back to M1. And so to make it zoning right it has to be put back into B2 to be used as a restaurant or store. Since this is the 2nd reading and the 3rd to be taken on 11/21/16  with a pubic hearing scheduled for 12/05/16? I guess that's how we roll around here? When I asked why 265 N. State didn't have the same process, I was informed that all property on N. State between Jackson St to Prospect St. has always been zoned B2? So just being a conditional use change no hearing was necessary. Hint don't let your hose sit vacant in that area.

Resolution #5-#6 Passed, As to let Painesville collect JEDD incomes taxes on property in Concord.

A Heisley Park resident if the city had a street maintenance plan for Heisley Park? Seems what he was asking for was general street maintenance in the development.
Another resident reminded everyone to vote on Tuesday.

Me.  I questioned why there was so little questioning on a garage maintenance building being built on Storr St.? I asked increasing the price from $900,000 to $1.5 million would take more than two minutes and is this really being responsible for the city tax dollars?

Council person Katie Jenkin said council had numerous conversations on the cost of the garage. Law Director Gurley must have figured where I was going I was getting ready to ask when and where, but he jumped in to save her that they had conversation's about this?

Many nice things were said about the recent passing of former councilman Robert Fountain. Bob was loved and respected by many in this community.

The Pole issue should be front and center on Thursday's Planning Commission Meeting.

Also mentioned at the meeting;

When in discussion of the road patching that was done on Cedarbrook Dr. the city reported that the street needs a new waterline replacement.

Also if you throw out a couch or mattress the item must be wrapped in plastic for two reasons

1) Stop infestation they don't want it spread.
2) Weight. if it sits out uncovered in the rain it adds weight and makes it hard to fit into the trucks and also the tipping weight will go up due to the water the item absorbs.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

"WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND" dusty springfield


Last night our city council had you guessed it..............another Executive Session.
They like them so much another one is planned for Wednesday, November 9, 2016 ?
These people are like the Justice League? Wish they would get a "Transparent Person"

This meeting was closed to the public in the darkness of courtroom #1

My spies report to me that the purpose of the meeting was to initiate a new secret handshake and the issuing council's new decoder rings. Well it least it wasn't to replace the new city manager, well let's hope not?

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of it's own

Never ending on beginning

Recently I received an e mail from Ohio Citizen Action about a public comment open house


November 3, 2016, 4:00 -7:00pm

Lakewood Park Woman's Club Pavilion

LeedCo is developing the $127 million icebreaker project to demonstrate that offshore turbines are viable in the Great Lakes. With the potential to generate 1,000 megawatts of wind energy by 2020.

Got me thinking,Remember when?

A few years ago during the whole AMP-OHIO fiasco The City of  Painesville developed a contract  with developer Juhl  Energy to develop to windmills on property in North Perry. They would sell the power to Painesville at a set price and the only cost to Painesville was to give Juhl  Energy our clean energy tax credits?

Maybe the windmills are what happens to be stored in the unused Battery Building?

So it begs to ask where are we on the windmills? Who has possession  of our tax credits? Is Juhl Energy still committed to this project? Or is everyone just blowing smoke?

Juhl has spent  5 percent or more of the project's budget before the due date. Julh is "unable to disclose" just where that money was spent at this time. You got to wonder?

Jeffrey McHugh, Painesville electric power superintendent said the two 1.7 megawatt turbines would make up only 10 percent of the power Painesville needs daily.
He also mentioned that North Perry electric bills  would drop to in-city rates of $0.0572 per kilowatt per hour from $0.0692 per kilowatt per hour, according to the contract with Painesville.

Don't ask me ask Jeff and the council! So far we have developed the same amount of electricity as a child's pinwheel.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"HELP" beatles

When I was younger so much younger than today
I never needed anybody's help in any way

The  Response from The Ohio Ethics  Commission

Dear Mr. Cimaglio:

   Thank you for contacting the Ohio Ethics Commission. The Commission's jurisdiction is limited to questions arising under the Ohio Ethics Law and related statues found in R.C. Chapter 102. and Sections 2921.42 and 2921.43 which generally prohibit public officials and employees from using their public positions to secure things of value for  themselves, their family members, and their associates.

( factsheets/authority  of  the ohio ethics commission . pdf).

However, the situation that you described does not appear to raise issues under the Ohio Ethics Law. Therefor, the Commission does not have the authority to address the specific issues that you have raised.

This is NOT an advisory opinion and does not reach any conclusions as to the specific facts you described. 


Karen R. King
Staff Advisory Attorney
Ohio Ethics Commission
William Green Building


So I guess no harm no foul?

What did I learn from all this? Well first if no one in your community questions in public what goes on around here it will continue unabated.

The Land Bank has an agenda and so did the Planning Commission as well as the administration and ALL council members. What was made perfectly clear was that all these entities didn't want to upset Veronica Dalberg or HOLA.  Which is odd this had nothing to do with her or HOLA it had to do with a building. I believe this was a done deal before the meeting even started.

The blame should go to Planning Commission Chairman Komjati who limited residents to speak on this matter. Even though he promised to get to them which he didn't. He also when learning that the room was to crowded to let 2-3 year olds as well as non- resident's limited seating as he left Painesville resident's wait in the hallway. Wonder who does he represent? Mr. Lyons who I would never thought to question his integrity representing both the Land Bank who presently owns the property and also to counsel the Planning Commission. Although the measure passed many issues were left unanswered but a 3-0 vote took place.

A special thanks to your esteem city council. Who's silence speaks volumes. Even to the point of telling me well it's past Friday's date so nothing I can do. Gee all was asked for was a Public Meeting, I don't understand this at all.

Reading Ms. Kings response I wonder if they would be interested in the bidding that was awarded for a $900,000 service garage that has blossomed into a 1.5 million dollar building?  No rebid or any questions asked. Securing things of value. I guess I'll sleep on that.