Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I hear the secrets that you keep
When your talking in your sleep

Recently a meeting was held in the Parmly Hotel ballroom  at High Point in downtown Painesville.

The meeting was presented by the Painesville Improvement Secret Society. From now on to be referred to as PISS. Many informative secrets were presented.


Tom Fitzgerald picture will soon be appearing  on local dairy milk cartons.

Andrew Flock is now an UBER driver claiming in three months to have made more money then in four years on council. But now admitting he's in the loop with a lot less descent!!

A new housing development located around 1100 block on  N. State St. The development known as "The Randy Brubeck Gated Sanctuary along the Grand." will have "Pittsburgh Style Housing" located off of Love Canal Dr. Mr. Brubeck promises the smells of Pittsburgh at least twice a day depending on the winds surrounding the WPCP.

Council people Lori DiNallo and Christine Shoop want an emergency meeting of council in regards to the  Skinner Ave. repavement project. Realizing Skinner Ave. is far not the worst road in town, there still are campaign promises to honor.

Painesville Fire Chief Mark Miachak has informed council he wishes to acquire a 1956 American LaFrance pumper truck that would be an asset to our Fire Department. The Chief also explained that the vehicle is just a few short years from eligibility for  Social Security.

City employees have informed Painesville Parks & Recreation Director Michelle LaPuma that they will not work at Evergreen Cemetery before 6:00 AM or after 6:00 PM . It seems city employee's claim the place is Haunted!

Speaking of Haunted ...The Painesville Electric Power Plant will now host Senior Center knitting classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM. Seems to much yarn has been coming up missing at the YMCA. Hey that big new building behind the plant could that become home of the "Thrift Shop."

Anonymous reports claim AMP-OHIO will soon make a presentation to our city if there is a desire to invest in AMP- Shittsbogan nuclear plant known as Shitt's #2  Not all AMP partners are being offered this opportunity.......Only the very gullible ones.

One of the hauler's has suggested Painesville trash has 12% more pocket change then the normal amount found in other cities trash in the county.

Our local Republican Party offices have decided to locate in an old Coalyard on Liberty St. in Painesville. How appropriate two things sharing space that soon to become extinct? Also new computers have been installed.

It has been reported the City Engineer Leanne Exun and her husband have plans to open a new Lumberyard in Burton, Ohio. The lumber presently stretches from Chestnut St. to Hickory Dr. behind Cedarbrook Dr.

Painesville City Schools Superintendent Shepherd seeing the positives of an SRO at Harvey has decided for a second at 58 Jefferson St. in the administration building.

No news from Painesville Police Department the finest in the land. Plus they carry guns, Taser's and can cost you mucho dinero if they write you a ticket, Senor!

Antique Telephone & Telegraph plan on moving into the old CORE building AT&T plans to assembly rotary phones on site.

Longtime Painesville resident Tony Torre has been awarded a Cicken Tire franchise  to be located somewhere on High Point Centre.

Viewing law director Gurley at council meetings at times he appears to be tortured by the proceedings? Well Joe, that's why you make the big bucks!

A new enterprise is opening  near 700 Main St. Downtown Painesville.  Between 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM a cupcake store called Hostess will sell its delicious  cupcakes. After 2:00 in will revert into Painesville's newest Funeral Home. the home will hold wakes until 9:00 PM. The home will be named Historic  Dyindowntown.

Also Bob and Doris Stagger have plans to open a new drinking establishment downton called the Stagger Inn.

Our sympathy goes out to Council person Katie Jenkins, the rumor is the carriage horse might have made it's last trip around Veteran's Park. How about snowmobile rides this Christmas?

Council-President Paul Hach will win the Chili Cook-off this coming year. He will be the only one allowed to participate. Pretty much like the city bidding process?

Is there any truth that assistant city manager Doug  Lewis is going to a local shrink over guilt feeling for  receiving a check for why  he gets a  check from the city?

Reports have surfaced that Kathy Bieterman had her phone removed from her office. The constant ringing made it almost impossible to concentrate on her job in Economic Development!

Both Planning and zoning are on board with councilman DeLeone wanting to build Pyramids in town. Let's hope city planner Lynn White won't be asked anymore  stupid questions about pyramids in the near future.

Water Department head George Ginnis has decided for his better health to Jog to and from work daily. George any thoughts of moving into Randy's new development?

Since the Water Department has started "laying pipe" for our residents thought are high to extend the pipe to Ontario Canada so as Painesville water customer's can have clean Canadian water.

Council secretary Tara Grimm seems to spend an unordinary amount of  time in  a certain department at Giant Eagle shu! it rhymes with fine!? What's that all about? Channel 12 pressure?

Speaking of Channel 12 soon it will be viewable on one of the ESPN channels. their good sports.

It is being reported on a sport blog. That a Lake Erie Storm player will be The first -round pick of our beloved Cleveland Browns in the upcoming NFL draft. No use having suspense with that pick is there? Actually might even work out better for the team?

Just a quick question, but does finance director Andy Unetic ever smile? Is it him or just knowing what's on the city books?

AMTRAK plans to build a station behind Heisley Park called Carson Jct. to service the westbound Lakeshore Limited at 4:30 am and the eastbound Lakeshore Limited at 5:15 am . The resident's general interest in trains seemed to have fueled the location of this project . Thank you Congressman Joyce for the funding. Traveler's please feel free to park in our city manager's driveway.

Judge Cicconetti seems to have grown tired of Painesville Councilman Mike DeLeone constantly asking "how you feeling today, Judge?"

Painesville PD  claim a 'Rail' was found outside a certain former city manager's house. For what purpose nothing was mentioned?

Even in Florida at a College Baseball game former council-president Hada get's questioned about knowing Andy Flock? What a small world Huh?

Who have I missed? Councilman Fodor. I got nothing! not even a process? Sorry Jim

Wonder if council ever gave any thought to Unincorporate  the City of Pain?

Long time city resident Angelo Cimaglio has been given a plaque honoring him as
 'Painesville's Most Beloved City Resident" beating out newbie Ray Sternot.

That's all we have from the PISS meeting enjoy! TODAY April 1,2016

Drumpf not a conservative republican? I beg to differ!

Seems he's on the same page of denial as Nixon and his Watergate henchmen

Or Reagan with Iran-Contra and Oliver North.


At April 2, 2016 at 10:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

With your not so cute remarks you have made it quite clear that no wonder why you can't make headway with people downtown on many problems we face here.

Also as a staunch Republican to your infantile democratic mind insulting true Americans only makes yourself look small and idiotic !

At April 2, 2016 at 11:08 AM , Anonymous TERM>> said...

10:40 So am I to believe if I walk in there with flowers and my head bowed I'd get somewhere? You really don't know do you?
As far as your political views I'm not the guy backing Trump who's seems to be running for President my the seat of his pants. Or another guy pretty much hated by everyone. Never mind his birth in Canada disqualifies him from the Presidency? Or does that "birther" argument only work against Democrats? Your instigation here deserve a post!
Let's play change the party?

At April 3, 2016 at 5:13 AM , Anonymous REW said...

OK Term- I enjoy your current events commentaries but (as an independent voter) let me offer my take on your remarks.

Nixon KNEW - that's an informed denial.
Reagan eventually KNEW - that's an example of a plausible denial.

Neither one took dubious action because of their status as alleged 'conservatives' - they did it for political expediency.

Trump is a dangerously loose cannon - I'm not even sure he is a Republican at all. I would imagine the 'conservative Republicans' are breathing a sigh of relief that he would disengage (even if only temporarily) from being identified with them.

As an American voter I am truly frightened that a person of Trump's ilk has even come this close to nomination. If elected - he will undoubtedly create numerous opportunities for 'denial'. I do not consider him a Republican by any standard - he is a rich opportunist with the potential to do irreparable harm to our country and the world as a whole.

PS. Thank you for the humorous post on local affairs.

At April 3, 2016 at 8:33 AM , Blogger Jim said...

I do not disagree with most of what you wrote, primarily because it is well thought out.
However, while Trump is certainly a loose cannon, can you honestly say that the leading candidate on the other side is any better?
That candidate seems to get caught up in all kinds of problems, of her own making, and yet her mantra is "deny, deny, deny".
She actually seems to get very upset when called out on anything that she did wrong or that went wrong on her watch.
I think the scary thing to me is the thinking that these are the BEST candidates we can get?
Wow, on both sides, that is just sad.

At April 3, 2016 at 12:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no perfect candidates. However, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are scary! I'll vote Hillary Clinton.

At April 3, 2016 at 12:38 PM , Anonymous TERM>> said...

REW/JIM as far as Clinton can we get an indictment please? All this alleged doesn't work for me. Along with a indictment it better be iron clad for a conviction. Lies constantly for the most part coming from one source FOXNEWS. The latest? 152 F.B.I. agents working on the case. Truth be told only 12. Where do they get this stuff?

At April 4, 2016 at 10:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Trump? We as American's have been left behind by the elites of both political party's.

Trade deals that are plain absolutely nonsense to anyone. Plus the same people pushing these trade deals also want us to be the number one military power in the world how do you finance and accomplish that with $8.00 hour jobs?

I do agree with Term that earned income credit is just a subsidy to American business. That we taxpayers are on the hook for. A neighbor who works a minimum wage job claims to not only get his withholding tax back but another $4000 in his return? Where did that money come from?

ALL illegals must leave along with the cheap labor they provide. Is Donald the answer? Well the GOP hates him that's why I'm on board!


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