Friday, May 12, 2017

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Well, they'll stone you when you're trying to be so good
They'll stone you just like they said they would

Planning Commission approves rezoning of 1170 North State St. for M1 35,000 sq. ft. Medical Marijuana cultivation, processing and sale facility 4_0 with one abstaining (Mr. Sosus) .

I must admit that this is the way I assumed the vote to go. During the public time two eloquent letters from resident's who opposed the rezoning were read as well as Councilwoman Lori DiNallo stating opposition to this rezoning in this residential area, and of course myself.

One resident spoke for the rezoning.

I stated my reasons as well as bringing up the " Reversion Clause" might as well have been speaking Klingon? Back to council?

With the rezoning to M1 if Growth Orchard ever moves from that building it could become a truck terminal, auto repair shop maybe even a dog kennel? No one would guarantee anything.

When finishing I questioned the committee "How this makes Painesville a better place to live and raise a family?"
Mrs. Hada stated we aren't here to discuss that but only these seven points of rezoning. Great than what really is the point of these commissions and boards? I believed that making Painesville better was the point of all this?

As I mentioned councilwoman DiNallo as well as councilman Tom  Fitzgerald were both in attendance at this meeting. Gee where was Ward I councilperson Christine Shoop? This is your Ward we can only assume that she approves of this venture? Along with any and all problems it might bring.

These kind of ruling only come when you have member's living south of Mentor Ave. as well as one in Heisley Park. With the only time they venture into the Northend of the city is on their way to the Mardi Gras Parade. You have to wonder if this facility would somehow been located south of Mentor Ave..? How the conversation  would change?

To the City administration where does this 1.1 million dollar in new revenue come from? Income tax please do the math? Any expense to us with the venture?

To our new City Manager Monica S. Irelan we can only hope you possess some new knowledge that city leader's in Solon, Chardon, Mentor and Willoughby don't have? Or is it all about the money and we as a community will take the scraps thrown I our direction?

To those people who unselfishly serve on boards and commissions how can you ever reject a resident's request when you represent a  community that doesn't even follow it's own rules?


At May 12, 2017 at 10:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the rules were followed. A major concern was traffic. But, no matter what went into that area under an S1 zoning the traffic would be equal or worse. The fact is that traffic can't be controlled. The benefit to Painesville is tax revenue which can be used for road repair and other expenditures throughout the city. Had the new owner planted aloe plants and wanted to make a product out of them they would have requested a zoning change. In addition to the new revenue, there is the benefit of the product such as pain control and other medical benefits associated with diseases such as autism; parkinson; cancer; etc. I believe that the rules were followed and the 9 points of a zoning change were addressed. Owner requested a reasonable zoning change and the pros and cons to both the community and local residents were considered under the rules governing the planning commission. But, not a consideration point for a zoning change, beyond that residents in attendance were told that the sales agreement says that if there is a change in company/business name/ownership or expansion of products beyond medical purposes as defined, the property would revert back to the city. In my opinion..... I hope that you will publish this view/observation.

At May 12, 2017 at 11:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here?
Isn't one of the purposes of Zoning to set standards for everyone so that a location becomes a better place to live?
There may be 7 standards that they have to look at but that still doesn't make "spot zoning" a good idea.

At May 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM , Anonymous TERM>> said...

11:34 Amazing or Irresponsible ?

10:31 No reason not to publish it? But let's start from the top, I believe the rules have not been followed as presented by the city administration, you do fine. Traffic? According to the presentation of the city last night the 1960 agreement to make that S1 was for the treatment plant as well as an environmental conservation for that property. City's words not mine. No mention of future development. Tax revenue? We will have to remind resident's of that the next time they want to renew or present a new tax levy? Aloe plants last I looked the federal government didn't call those plants an illegal substance? With the current turmoil in Washington no one has a clue what our new attorney general will do? Rules were addressed? What about this zoning improves the neighborhood? Along with out a doubt this being 'spot' zoning that is always opposed by the city. Yes we were told? But as I am often times told by assistant city manager Lewis "I wasn't here at that time" Until council puts it on the deed and we all see it in writing it's just an opinion. Let's see the Reversion in writing. Or it will fall into the I wasn't here category.

At May 12, 2017 at 5:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the applicant was growing and processing aloe, we would not be having this discussion. It would NEVER have been considered because there would be no HUGE revenue stream for growing aloe. MJ is a different animal. The taxes are exactly what our city fathers are after.
The owner can request anything BUT no one is going to buy property not zoned for the intended use without some assurances that the rezoning will be done.
I don't think I will hold my breath waiting for the "reversion clause" to be part of the contract. I suspect I would be very blue, or dead, before the happens. Heck, the Council members don't seem to know anything about it.

At May 13, 2017 at 8:10 AM , Anonymous TERM>> said...

5:22 I will remind them Monday night. I am sure the CM is aware of the "Reversion Clause"

10:31 I am well aware of the benefits of medical marijuana. My point was there a reason for the facility in a residential area?
Also a question arose about medical marijuana maybe someone knows the answer. Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for the use if medical marijuana? These are federal programs. Does anyone know the cost of medical marijuana?


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